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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

2 Rupees Indian Banknote

This banknote was first issued  on  16th April 1976 and it bore the signature of   K. R. Puri , a member of the Indian Civil Service ,Governor Reserve Bank of India since 20th August 1975 to 21st May 1977.He was the Chairman and Managing Director of the Life Insurance Corporation of India prior to his appointment as Governor of the RBI .This note shown above is a 1985 banknote and  it contains the signature of  R. N. Malhotra.R. N. Malhotra was the seventeenth governor of the Reserve Bank of India, serving from 4 February 1985 to 22 December 1990.This banknote is the smallest denomination banknote issued by the RBI.


The size of this banknote is 107 X 63 mm.On one side of the banknote  we can see the value in Hindi left bottom, Reserve Bank of India monogram  on top right hand side .The watermark  is in a Oval shape window, Askokan Pillar is used  as watermark with 6 wheels in background.Two rupees is written in13  Regional language on front of the Banknote.On the front side these words are signed by the Governor of the RBI."I promise to pay the bearer the sum of two rupees" in english and Hindi.On the reverse side we have the image of Indian Satellite ' Aryabhata 'in space.Aryabhata was India's first satellite, named after the great Indian astronomer of the same name. It was launched by the Soviet Union on 19 April 1975 from Kapustin Yar using a Cosmos-3M launch vehicle.To commemorate this achievement this image was printed on the two rupees note.

The cost of printing and servicing these notes was,  not commensurate with their life. Printing of these notes was, therefore, discontinued.Production of 2 Rupees denomination was discontinued since February 1995 by Government of India


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  3. oh. it brought back the memories of my childhood when i could get a lot of toffies with that note:) :) :). i didnt knw why was it discontinued. after reading your informative blog, now,i knw abt it. thnx. keep going...

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