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Friday, November 12, 2010

1991 One rupee Tourism coin

The Government had the view that a visitor to India,  is in for an unforgettable experience. Judging from the available international trends in those times, tourism was destined for a major upsurge, and a big traffic movement was expected in the coming years.  India was well set to emerge as one of the most popular destinations in the 1990s . To give thrust to these effort, the year 1991 was declared as the "Visit India Tourism Year," during which the traditional lamp of welcome were lightened at  India's gateways to the 1990s.The 12-month celebration  took place all across India, in festivals ablaze with color, pageantry, ritual, and custom.An elaborate calendar of events were drawn up, and to facilitate international tourists, special measures were taken by the government, like relaxation of visa rules, opening up of new areas, and liberalization of charter flights to India.To increase hotel accommodations of all categories, a number of incentives were announced to make investment in the hotel industry more attractive.
On such an occasion India also issued a normal size one rupee commemorative copper-nickel coin  having a diameter of 26mm and the weight of the coin is 6grams  .On one side of the coin the Peacock, Pavo cristatus (Linnaeus),  the national bird of India is depicted in dancing state with the words 'Tourism Year' in english as well as hindi.The peacock has been designated the national bird of India in 1963.Peacocks have been given full protection under the Indian Wildlife (Protection) Act, 1972.Hunting of peacocks is banned in India.On the other side of the coin The denomination as well as 'Ashoka Sthamba' with the slogan 'Satyamev Jaytae' is inscribed.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

1976 Five paisa coin

The  five paisa coin of 1976 was a Aluminum series coin with less text.The coin was a mixture of Aluminum and magnesium.This type of coin was first issued in 1972 and it was continued minting till 1984.The coin was square in shape and the diagonal lenght was 22mm.On one side 5 paisa  was inscribed the word paisa was written in Hindi as well as in English and on the other side "Bharat" and "India" was inscribed along with the Ashoka Sthamba .A dot is also present below the 7 of 1976 this signifies it is from the Bombay mint. The Bombay Mint has a small dot or diamond mint mark under Date of the Coin.The weight of this coin is 1.5 gram.