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Friday, December 10, 2010

50 paise 1982 commemorative coin

This 1982 commemorative 50 paise coin was issued on the subject 'National Integration'.It is a copper-nickel coin a similar 2 rupees coin was also issued in 1982 on 'National Integration'.It was the first time a 2 rupee coin was issued in India.To stress the need for communal harmony and to aware the people that the different states and its people are the integral part of our country India, a 50 paise coin with the theme “National Integration” was issued in April,1985.On one side of the coin 'Ashoka Sthamba' is depicted along with the denomination and on the reverse side .The map of India  is depicted and within the map the Indian flag is seen to be waving in the air and the word National Integration is written in block letters in english and hindi outside the map of India.This coin is very rarely found in India.The diameter of the coin is 24mm and the wight is 5grams


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