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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

1988 10 paisa Nepali Coin

This is a 10 paisa nepali coin of 1988 having the date 2045 written in Hindi over it but the nepal has its own calender  named "Nepali Sanvat" .The year 2045 means the year 1988 according to the international calender .On that side of the coin has the name of the then king of Nepal  Birendra Bir Bikram is also inscribed. He ruled from 31 January 1972 to  1 June 2001.The coin also bears a Coat of arms of Kingdom of Nepal which was changed On 30 December 2006.The coat of arms in use before 30 December 2006 consists of a white cow, a green pheasant (Himalayan Monal), two Gurkha soldiers (one carrying a kukri and a bow, and the other a rifle), peaks of the Himalayas, two crossed Nepalese flags and kukris, the footprints of Gorakhnath (the guardian deity of the Gurkhas) and the royal headress. It also contained the same red scroll with the national motto. This coat of arms was preceded by the Emblem of Nepal. The word "sahdev" is also added to the name of the king   Birendra Bir Bikram .On the other side shree bhavani is written in devnagri along with the denomination of the coin  i.e. 10 paisa.Nothing is written in any other script other than the devnagri script this adds to the point that it was the world's only country to have Hinduism as its state religion
The coin is made up of pure Aluminium .The softness of this coin can be guessed from the fact that it can be misshaped by hands only

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